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Remembering Mom 1933-2013 – I think of you every day.

Kathleen R. Ellis


Beloved Mother

 About two weeks ago, our family gathered to celebrate my Mom’s 80th birthday.

She was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed that the celebration was

 all about “her”. She always gave so generously and it was our turn to

express our love and appreciation for all she has done for us.

Mom was our prayer warrior; her prayers to God

provided a fleet of protective angels all around us.

My family chuckles at this statement, but I know it is true.

 In her home, on the kitchen table, lay her Bible still open to the

book of Psalms. Today, like every day, she read and prayed

      for us, her family. We were her joy, her purpose  and her will for life on Earth.

Today was also the day when she was called away to be

with the Lord above, away from this Earth to enter into Heaven.

Mom was a rock, a prayer warrior, and our protective angel on Earth.

Her gifts and attributes were many: Encourager, helper, generous giver,

loyal, faithful, loving, trustworthy, devoted, and dedicated to her family.

Mom, we feel sorrow of  your sudden passing and yet are joyful to know you are in a peaceful place

with the angels and saints in Heaven. Even so, we will miss you dearly. We embrace the

values you taught us because they are the part of you we keep in our own

hearts and share with others. Until we meet again in Heaven, we will always love you mom.


July 4th Activity for Kids

Fourth of July bike decorations

Materials: Red, white, and blue crepe paper streamers on a roll, tape, playing card, spring clip or clothes pin.

Kids will have fun with this  easy July 4th activity.  Kids can decorate their bikes with red, white and blue  streamers for the Fourth of July. Weave streamers  in and out of  the bicycle spokes and wrap around the handle bars.  Then, attach a card to the wheel support bracket with a clip so that as the bike moves the card hits the spokes and makes a loud noise.  It’s a fun way to get the kids out of the house and riding their bikes around to show off their creativity and July 4th spirit.

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