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Friends For a Lifetime

In our tech savvy world it’s pretty easy to have  connections with people anywhere at anytime. There are  people who have hundreds of friends on Facebook and  other social networks which has always astounded me.  I often wonder how many of those connections are really close friends. It’s easy to have social connections online but not as fulfilling as making time to get together in person to socialize.  I believe it is so  important to take the time to meet and get together in person with family and friends. You know, face to face conversation, without smartphones glued to our hands at the table. I admit, I am guilty too but I have made some great strides in the past few months to be more aware of the importance of the people I am with in “real time”.

This past week I attended a fundraiser along with family members and my closest,  long-time, friend Donna.  She traveled from PA to meet us in NJ . Usually we plan our adventures halfway between where we both live.  We try to get together a few times a year which is a challenge because we both are married, have children,  and work. We cherish our visits and adventures together. It’s like an escape for a few hours , to take a breath from our every day routine.

When our kids were younger we would go places that were kid friendly. Now that they are grown we have relaxation in mind. In the past we have  enjoyed pampering at the nail salon, massages, St. Patrick’s Day in the city, and shop until we drop excursions. We also make it a point to  “do lunch”.  I think our favorite place is California Pizza Kitchen.  The most interesting thing about our friendship is how we have such a strong connection even when we are apart. Several weeks might go by and if I think about calling Donna , she will call me ,send me an email or FB  message that very  same day. It’s like mental telepathy.  I value our friendship because it’s genuine and I will cherish it my whole life.

Of course, I will still text, FB, and Twitter because I can’t help myself , I’m hooked .  Although it’s easy and convenient to post quick hellos, likes, and lol’s to friends,  it doesn’t measure up to real life experiences in “real time”  which become joyful, lasting memories. 

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The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.
Proverbs 27:9

Most folks are …

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
-Abraham Lincoln

HAPPINESS WITH CONTENTMENT IS GREAT GAIN.I believe that spring is a time that  makes people feel happier. The days are longer , the temperatures are warmer, the sun is brighter, the sky is clear blue. I love to sit outside or take walks everyday and I do so all year round.  I especially love the spring because I notice  more activity in nature than any other time. The trees , flowers and shrubs are budding with new growth. The birds are chirping and singing to each other .

I have a border collie and he loves the walks as much as I do. It’s a time for me to regroup, breathe, relax, unwind and feel refreshed. So if it’s been a while since you enjoyed the great outdoors; I ask you, “What are you waiting for?” Go on….get out there and experience nature. 

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