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Aquarium Fish in the Classroom is a Hands – On Way to Learn About Life Science

Teaching science is interesting and engaging to students when  hands-on activities are included.  Introducing students to aquarium fish  is an excellent way for students to learn  about their environment and survival in freshwater.

In order to successfully engage student in this activity, all students  take part in caring for the fish.

There are several responsibilities in taking care of fresh water community fish. It’s very easy to maintain  after the tank is  established. Kids love to take care of pets and this is an exciting way to teach about science as well. It creates a feeling   of calm and relaxation as an added bonus.

1. Water temperature – Ideal range is between 78-80 and is kept constant using an electric aquarium heater.

2. pH – Ideal range 7.0 – can be  maintained using a pH regulator (I recommend Marineland)

3. Carbon Filter System  – carbon filters replaced monthly ( I recommend Penguin Biowheel)

4. Under gravel water filtration system (I recommend Penguin Water Pumps)

5. Light kept on during the daytime and turned  off at night.

6. A natural setting such as rocks and plants is an ideal environment for fresh fish . Community fish are great for beginners because they are the easiest to care for. The aquarium in the video above has the  following kinds of  fish : Neon tetra, giant danio, gourami, catfish, , rasbora tetra, striped tetra, and pleco.

7, Flake food, bloodworms, dried shrimp, bottom feeder wafers and pellets are the kinds of food to buy. Feed only a pinch or two a couple of times a day. Do not give the fish more than can be eaten in five minutes.

8. About once every six weeks, remove 1/3 of the water and replace with the same amount of fresh water that has stood overnight in a separate container . Use bottled water if the water source has chlorine  added.

9. Occasionally,  it is  necessary to use an aquarium gravel cleaner to get rid of excess waste matter under the surface of the gravel.

10. Enjoy your fresh water fish  aquarium in the classroom. Your students will really be excited and engaged caring  for them. It’s a fantastic, hands-on  way to learn about life science.

Autism and the Autistic Spectrum

Temple Grandin, “The Autistic Brain-Thinking Across the Autistic Spectrum”

Tonight at 7:45pm on C-Span 2 Book TV

Temple Grandin’s new book ,”The Autistic Brain-Thinking Across the Spectrum” will be discussed. If you want to learn about Autism and the Autistic Spectrum, this session will be  very informative. I ready her book, “Thinking in Pictures” a few years ago during my undergraduate studies and found it to be an excellent book written from her own personal experiences .

I highly recommend that you tune in to the Book TV show with Temple Grandin tonight at 7:45 PM on C-Span 2 .

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