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Ocean City, New Jersey is Ready for Visitors-Mother’s Day is May 12, 2013

Walking along the beach-perfect beach day.

Walking along the beach-perfect beach day.


Did Someone say “Roadtrip”?

The weather is still a bit cool to sit on the beach or plunge into the  ocean waves  but it is perfect weather for taking walks along the shoreline wearing a sweater or jacket.   Yesterday, the weather was perfect for a walk on the beach.  I decided to take a trip to Ocean City and get my season beach tags.  I took my dog,  Shadow with me for the ride  to check it out. I was curious to see if I could take him for a walk on the beach .

At the visitor center, as I paid for my season passes, I asked about the rules for taking dogs on the beach.  I was pleasantly surprised to  find out  that  dogs could go on the beach from September through end of April as long as they are on a leash. There is also a dog beach called Malibu Dog Beach where dogs can run around without a leash.  Finally, there is a dog park  in Ocean City , NJ. . The website has a form to complete and there is a small fee. Ocean City Dog Park is a non-profit organization providing a safe haven for pet owners to take their dogs  to run and play leash free.

I chose to take Shadow on the beach and walk him with his leash.  There was a good amount  people  were either sitting on the beach,   playing with their children, surfing, or fishing. I saw other dog owners walking with their dog(s) on a leash too as we acknowledged each other with a nod and a smile.   I many  pictures and walked for about an hour  with Shadow. He really seemed to like it but   wanted no parts of getting in or near the water; it was quite comical.

Planning a Safe Trip When Taking Your Pet Along:

Dogs enjoy going in the car and always enjoy spending  time with their owners.  Spring is the perfect time to walk or hike  just about anywhere with your pet as long as it’s not too hot.  Keep you  pet safe while traveling  in the car  safe.  Following are a few safety guidelines.

Secure your pet in the car either in a  pet holder or in a harness style safety device.  If your dog is small, use a small pet crate if your vehicle is big enough to fit one. Do not travel with your dog on your lap or unsecured in the back seat,  or worse, being tossed about in the back of a pick up truck.

Enjoy the fresh air with windows open slightly or sun roof open . Never drive with your pet in the car while the windows  are wide open . Dogs have been known to leap out of car windows into moving traffic.  Take water along for your pet , a bowl, and  some dog  food if you plan on spending the  day. Be sure to have a leash, a ball or Frisbee, and some plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet.

Plan a day with family and the family pet to the Enjoy what the Jersey Shore has to offer; Smell  the ocean breeze, hear the ocean waves, feeling the cool  breeze and taste the salty air. The Jersey Shore this spring would make the perfect road trip before the lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us.

May 9, 2013

Ocean City, New Jersey

Visitors Guide:


It will be a  great weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day at the beach.  Stop by the visitors center in Ocean City, NJ  and check out all the exciting places to take MOM for Mother’s Day.  The welcoming centers are  located at : 9th Street Causeway,  14 E. 19th Street and 34th Street.

Mom will  enjoy a day to relax  near the ocean to renew the senses. Hear the  waves rolling along the coastline,  feel the  warmth of the sun and the cool ocean breeze. After relaxing by the ocean, mom  will be look forward to dining at one of the many family restaurants in Downtown Ocean City . Finish the day by taking a walk on Asbury between the beach and the bay where there are 100 open all year round . They are located between 6th and 11th Streets. Happy Mother’s Day!

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