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Autism and the Autistic Spectrum

Temple Grandin, “The Autistic Brain-Thinking Across the Autistic Spectrum”

Tonight at 7:45pm on C-Span 2 Book TV

Temple Grandin’s new book ,”The Autistic Brain-Thinking Across the Spectrum” will be discussed. If you want to learn about Autism and the Autistic Spectrum, this session will be  very informative. I ready her book, “Thinking in Pictures” a few years ago during my undergraduate studies and found it to be an excellent book written from her own personal experiences .

I highly recommend that you tune in to the Book TV show with Temple Grandin tonight at 7:45 PM on C-Span 2 .

Websites as Education Classroom Tools

I discovered an absolutely wonderful website today while I was searching for information on aquarium fish.

The website is  Exploration for Kids and the address is : created by Ann Zeise.

I wanted to share it with readers.

Mrs. “A”

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