I enjoy beautiful summer nights when it’s not too hot or  humid and it’s enjoyable to sit outside.   My favorite place to sit is in the quiet space of my backyard surrounded by the flowers and trees.  I can relax and get rejuvenated at the same time in the chaise lounge simply listening to the sounds of nature around me.  No cell phone, no TV, or computer;  Just me in my chaise lounge along with  my dog, Shadow, who lies down and rolls around in the cool grass.

There are many birds in the yard that sing and fly  from tree to tree.  Sometimes, a hummingbird visits for a brief moment as it tends to the Asiatic lily and Hibiscus flowers. When the  summer sky is clear and blue, the  moon begins to reveal it’s presence as it rises up in the  late afternoon sky. At the same time, the  sun begins to descend on the other side of the horizon.  It’s easy to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. To enjoy it is really quite simple  but some are  too busy to realize it. The beauty of nature and it’s splendor is available to us each day, each month, each season, each year. The cycle continues with assurance creating a sense of harmony for the soul of all those who embrace it.summer garden and Shadow 2012 (11)



About There Goes That Butterfly

I am a certified special education teacher and tutor. My philosophy of education is to inspire, encourage, and guide students to recognize and develop their natural talents.

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