Winding Down into the Fall

Mrs. "A" Flower Garden

Hydrangea in all their Splendor

Hydrangea in all their Splendor

DSC01568This beautiful hydrangea is the “glory of my garden” with enormous flowers that peak in mid July and last well into August before they start to lose their brilliance.  It was only  3 feet high in a gallon container without blooms when I purchased it .  The picture on the tag showed large flower blooms which was  exactly what I wanted.

Starting in the spring and throughout bloom time in the summer,  I nurture it  by giving it  fertilizer (granular) a  few times each season and of course , I give it water each day .  The flowers bloom in  mid July and the  are magnificent,  white as snow,  and measure  8 inches long and 4 ” wide.  After the flowers are past their peak , the flower color changes to  slightly green,  and finally beige  and become dryer.  At the end of September ,  faithfully , I trim  back the shrub  1/3 its  size  all the way around.  Pruning  scissors  work best because they are more rigid and have rubber grips for easier handling. Cut the branches on an angle  45 degrees.  Pruning back the shrub will allow it to grow full with  many blooms the following year.

This is the fourth year and it  has grown  almost 6 ft tall and  5 ft wide all the way around. It is the talk of all the guests who visit in the summer. It is my pride and joy and I treat with love and care knowing it will be back  next year in all it’s glory.


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