Zipline Adventures

I have always wanted to try a zip-line adventure even though I have a fear of heights.  The thought of sitting, strapped into a devise  which is mounted to a zip-line apparatus and cable sounds secure, I think. I would  never  bungee jump from a bridge or cliff,  hang glide over mountains or soar like a bird through a mountain range in a parachute outfit. I admire people who are thrill seekers but I am perfectly content  watching those adventures  from afar.

As I started researching the zipline websites, I was surprised to see that there are numerous places worldwide that offer zip-line adventures. I prefer to stay in the Tri-state area.   There are regular zip-line adventures  and those with an  obstacle course which sounds awesome.  So now I just need to book-it and get a group together for a weekend adventure.


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I am a certified special education teacher and tutor. My philosophy of education is to inspire, encourage, and guide students to recognize and develop their natural talents.

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