Friends For a Lifetime

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In our tech savvy world it’s pretty easy to have  connections with people anywhere at anytime. There are  people who have hundreds of friends on Facebook and  other social networks which has always astounded me.  I often wonder how many of those connections are really close friends. It’s easy to have social connections online but not as fulfilling as making time to get together in person to socialize.  I believe it is so  important to take the time to meet and get together in person with family and friends. You know, face to face conversation, without smartphones glued to our hands at the table. I admit, I am guilty too but I have made some great strides in the past few months to be more aware of the importance of the people I am with in “real time”.

This past week I attended a fundraiser along with family members and…

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I am a certified special education teacher and tutor. My philosophy of education is to inspire, encourage, and guide students to recognize and develop their natural talents.

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