I am sure you would agree that genuine friendships are priceless.
I enjoy journal writing and I instruct creative writing sessions to students I tutor. Recently, I created an acrostic writing assignment using the word: “Friendship” – The Meaning of Friendship.

Since it’s the beginning of the school year, it seems like a good time to share. You could copy, paste, and change the descriptive words to relate to how you feel. Suggest this idea to someone in school who may have a creative writing assignment.

Friends are like family.
Respect is mutual.
Intuitively thinking of each other.
Easy going
Nostalgic-Many memories
Devotion that is unwaivering.
Supportive through thick & thin.
Haven-Feeling safe, trustworthy
Identify-Strong bond
Purposeful-Meant to be





I enjoy beautiful summer nights when it’s not too hot or  humid and it’s enjoyable to sit outside.   My favorite place to sit is in the quiet space of my backyard surrounded by the flowers and trees.  I can relax and get rejuvenated at the same time in the chaise lounge simply listening to the sounds of nature around me.  No cell phone, no TV, or computer;  Just me in my chaise lounge along with  my dog, Shadow, who lies down and rolls around in the cool grass.

There are many birds in the yard that sing and fly  from tree to tree.  Sometimes, a hummingbird visits for a brief moment as it tends to the Asiatic lily and Hibiscus flowers. When the  summer sky is clear and blue, the  moon begins to reveal it’s presence as it rises up in the  late afternoon sky. At the same time, the  sun begins to descend on the other side of the horizon.  It’s easy to take for granted the beauty that surrounds us. To enjoy it is really quite simple  but some are  too busy to realize it. The beauty of nature and it’s splendor is available to us each day, each month, each season, each year. The cycle continues with assurance creating a sense of harmony for the soul of all those who embrace it.summer garden and Shadow 2012 (11)


Winter Storm Titan


When I origiannly write this I was “so ready” fornspring after a horendous winter.

I  am not so enthusiastic about this winter storm heading our way. The sky is grey and there is no sign of the sun shining today. I keep looking for signs of spring in hopes of seeing a crocus flower but I have not seen any yet.

Remembering Mom 1933-2013 – I think of you every day.

Kathleen R. Ellis


Beloved Mother

 About two weeks ago, our family gathered to celebrate my Mom’s 80th birthday.

She was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed that the celebration was

 all about “her”. She always gave so generously and it was our turn to

express our love and appreciation for all she has done for us.

Mom was our prayer warrior; her prayers to God

provided a fleet of protective angels all around us.

My family chuckles at this statement, but I know it is true.

 In her home, on the kitchen table, lay her Bible still open to the

book of Psalms. Today, like every day, she read and prayed

      for us, her family. We were her joy, her purpose  and her will for life on Earth.

Today was also the day when she was called away to be

with the Lord above, away from this Earth to enter into Heaven.

Mom was a rock, a prayer warrior, and our protective angel on Earth.

Her gifts and attributes were many: Encourager, helper, generous giver,

loyal, faithful, loving, trustworthy, devoted, and dedicated to her family.

Mom, we feel sorrow of  your sudden passing and yet are joyful to know you are in a peaceful place

with the angels and saints in Heaven. Even so, we will miss you dearly. We embrace the

values you taught us because they are the part of you we keep in our own

hearts and share with others. Until we meet again in Heaven, we will always love you mom.

Big Bang Theory Fans

“Big Bang Binge” tonight

Walk for a great cause on Sunday, September 29th beginning at 8:30 AM in Philadelphia, PA. Four Seasons Parkway Run and Walk for Cancer.

Clues to the Growth of the Colossus in Coma | NASA

My favorite color purpleClues to the Growth of the Colossus in Coma | NASA.

Blueberry Hill hiking trail in Camden County , New Jersey -part of Green Acres

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